Dejan Dimitrijevic

ui/ux designer

Hi There!

I am fascinated about the idea of transforming complex but plain technological product into sophisticated, attractive and intuitive business tool by using visual art, newest technology and applying knowledge about ever evolving consumer behavior.

I am co-founders of Pariscribe and the one who built into easy to use and sought after web application for always growing number of healthcare professionals. My Design and User Experience expertise helped to transform Ceridian into global, modern HCM tool…

In my past life I had a rich artistic career, participated in many exhibitions, my work has been awarded and published in several publications and art books

Besides I pride myself of being a nine-time Ironman and finishing 26 marathons.

Thanks for stopping by.

  • Email : dejan.d@rogers.com
  • Phone : +1-416-357-6384
  • Location : Toronto ON, Canada

User Research


Workflow Analysis


Interaction Design


Visual Design




Usability Testing



UX Strategy

End-to-end website and digital product design. Integrating UX strategy into every aspect of what we do. Together we’ll create a strategy to ensure your product is built the right way the first time.

Workflow Analysis

Delivering complex intuitive business workflows, with user-centric approach.

UI Design

Implementing the guidelines that have been proven to help the usability of a product, we continue to improve the usability of all products. Standards ensure consistency throughout the product.

Usability Testing

Participants are selected and recruited to test the product by a precisely defined user profile. Provides objective, accurate, and reasonable data for improving a product's design.

Visual Design

Intelligent visual design connects the beauty with the experience. Craft a common visual language and hierarchy that enhances how users engage with your digital products.


Realistic prototype of your product, based on usability and HCI principles and provide you with the best user experience specifications documentation.

Mobile Experience

Know how to drive brand identity and creative concepts across all areas including Mobile and Tablet.

Design Sprints

Design Sprints are a flexible framework that can be tailored to fit a plethora of different problems like a new product, project, or feature.

UI Specification

Documenting and specifying the interface’s behaviors and elements, using Wiki or other documentation tools.



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Toronto ON, Canada